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GaspareNet 3 years ago in Stadium updated by Alberto 1 year ago 6

I have recently installed the premium version ..

I entered a list of games ...

I can't find or insert a list of stadiums.

Found, I ask that the post be deleted. Sorry!!!

How did you insert the stadium?

I know how to add stadiums to my account, my problem is displaying the stadium on the schedule I post on my website

I have everything but the location when I display on the website

Thank you for these, but it doesn't solve my problem. Currently, with your plugin, i'm unable to show the game location when I present the schedule on my website. 

I use my website to let players and teams know the up-comping schedule of games and locations.  Here is an example:

Image 6907

So, every week, player and managers will get this screenshot showing dates, kickoff times, locations, and opponents, and division (over40 or Over48), and whether or not the game is for points (league) or it's just a friendly or exhibition.  As you can see, I have over 10 game locations.

So, in summary, when I generate my short code, I would like the option to "show stadium". I'm not interested in filtering by stadium. I need to "show" the stadium.