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current form table - (standing table only with last X rounds)

David Stevens 3 years ago in Competition updated 3 years ago 3

Is there a way to add a current form table? If not can this be added as an idea.

Will be answered

Hello David,

Please provide more info.

OK, on the full standing tables you have the current form for the last five matches that each team is in. But you have to try to work out which team is currently in the best form and for instance on your Aneto demo page the Llamas in 17th place have a better current form than the 2nd placed Sliders, but it is not overly apparent in the standing table.

Visitors use current form tables to make their betting decisions and, as shown in the example, the current form table would look different to the current standings. The teams at the top of the league may not necessarily be the ones in the best form.

This is an example of the last six Premier League matches last season.