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Dedicated shortcut to show only LIVE matches from API with a tab switcher

Edwin Dee 3 years ago in LIVE updated by Kora Goal 4 months ago 7

A dedicated shortcut to show only LIVE ongoing matches would be great. Also, a tab switcher where the user can switch (see image) between today's all matches and LIVE matches is a super good feature.

Image 3608


- Dedicated LIVE games shortcode

- Live switcher in Calendar Slider

shortcut = I mean "shortcode", of course

I appreciate any comment or feedback from developers on this idea, posted for 7 months ago. This feature will make life easier form everyone, especially website visitors.

Under review

Hello Edwin

I see it. Unfortunately, I have no plan to do it in the nearest future. There is a possibility to do it with shortcode arguments.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hi Andrei, 

can you explain how to show only Live Matches and also only "Fixtures" without Live Matches. Tried some variations but without success.

Thank you in advance


Hello Andrei,

Is there any possibility to add this feature? 

I found that SofaScore.com and LiveScore.com have this feature.

If possible, please integrate this feature into the Calendar Slider shortcode or a dedicated switcher shortcode like the picture below.

Image 5963

Please kindly consider this feature request.

Thank you.

Progress - 50%

in v0.15.0 will be added shortcode to show live games only


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Good suggestion