Server time zone switcher

Edwin Dee 3 years ago in Import API updated by Mr. Gedanggoreng 2 years ago 15

As viewers are from different countries with different time zones, it would be a great idea to sync the server time zone (which shows the match times) to the visitor's time zone or visitor's browser time zone automatically. If not possible or too difficult to implement, just give the option to the visitor to change timezone directly on the front page.

Under review

Please share some sites with such functionality.

sofascore.com syncs automatically to your local time zone

footystats.org let's you change the timezone ... menu top bar to the right, login > change time zone

and by changing timezone on footystats.org, all match times syncs automatically...

Hello, any progress on this one?


Yes, please. This will be very useful feature. If I may add, LiveScore also automatically sync with user's server time zone.


Good addition, Mr Gedanggoreng. Hope this feature will be added soon, as our visitors are from different countries with different timezones.

Yeah, that's the end goal. Even my country alone have 3 different timezones.

Hi. Any update for this feature request?

I hope it will be added in July


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Andrei S.

Hi, Andrei. Any progress on this?


Maybe I'll add some basic functionality this month for testing.

But full support is very complex and will be added later.


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Andrei S.

Thank you, Andrei. I've been waiting for this feature. 2 thumbs up.