North Macedonia Cup Quarter-finals no Matches are created

Frank S 3 years ago in Import API updated 3 years ago 5

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As you can see on the Screenshot Matches are in the API but are not in the Import Section for the Wigdet

Same issue I found for Moldova Cup 2021 "Round of 16"

Same issue I found for KNVB Beker Netherland 2021 "2nd Round"

Maybe to check in General the Connection, found a lot of small mistakes like 2-3 Times imported matches etc.


Hello Frank,

Thanks, I have reproduced a problem. I'm thinking of how to fix it.


In short:

API data has an incorrect "end" parameter for this league. The plugin uses these parameters ("start" and "end") to create proper games because some leagues have more than one competition in one season.

Maybe I will ignore "end" for the current season. 

Let you know soon.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hello Andrei, yes I guess a good idea to "ignore" the end date for the current season.

The API has also a lot of small mistakes like wrong fixtures and results by the way.

After Christmas Holidays I have more time to check more in detail, have already opened some tasks in the API Rapid Page. 

For your Widget I have also some suggestions to make it more user friendly. 

Thank you for your efforts.