How to end the current league?

Andrei T 2 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 1

Hi I have a few questions:
1. How do I end the current league?
2. How do I custom set a league for next season - for example, we are using this for futsal and in some divisions we play league format whilst in others the top 4 of each group meet in playoffs (QF,Semis, Finals) - is there an option for this?
3. Is there a way to import matches in bulk from a cvs/excel sheet?
4. When a team adds a new player, how do I not duplicate the same player when importing the whole excel sheet?



1) There is no need to end a league. You should only change the active season in the plugin settings.

2) Create a new season and then create a new Competition with a new season + existing league.

Check these tutorials on how to create complex competitions

- https://anwppro.userecho.com/en/knowledge-bases/2/articles/71-how-to-create-competition-with-multiple-stages-v1

- https://anwppro.userecho.com/en/knowledge-bases/2/articles/1469-how-to-create-competition-with-multiple-stages-v2

3) Yes. In the Data Import tool

4) You should check it manually.


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