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Import competition (No API)

GaspareNet 2 years ago in Competition updated 2 years ago 2

I have an archive with many leagues from the last 10 years.

They are all classic Italian championships.

Do I have to create or clone every single competition via the Add New Competition menu?


Can I insert them via a csv file or query using phpmyadmin?

Even the insertion of his / her parents is there a way to use the club external ID to do the insertion?

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You can create Competitions manually (only structure) and then add Games, Clubs, and Events with the plugin Data Import Tool (csv file >> Excel >> Data Import Tool).


If you already have these teams on your site, add External IDs manually.

Use and add External IDs.

Try with a few games to understand how it works.


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Andrei S.

I am familiar with the import function.

I need to create many competitions.

A new link would be useful as you see in the image

When I use the clone competition function, it doesn't clone the image