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Templates for tiebreakers for group ranking

KDT 2 years ago in Standing updated 2 years ago 2

Can we have templates for tiebreakers for group ranking? We are trying to create competitions which have no import wizard. For example, UEFA Nation Leagues which have more than 12 groups A1, A2, ...B1, B2, ..C1, C2.. We had to set the tiebreaker rules for 10+ time.

If we can either

  1. save rule templates, or
  2. copy from existing groups, or
  3. auto apply the rule by competition

It would save a lot of time.

Also on a related note, for Austrian bundesliga, their Championship round has the following rule (#2) which is not available in the plugin. Please add it in the plugin somehow. Thanks.

Rules for classification: 1) Points; 2) Points with (possible) half points subtracted due to rounding; 3) Head-to-head points ; 4) Head-to-head goal difference; 5) Head-to-head goals scored; 6) Head-to-head away goals scored; 7) Goal difference; 8) Goals scored; 9) Matches won; 10) Away matches won; 11) Away goals scored.


Under review


Do you know the possibility of cloning and creating a new standing table with all ranking rules and other settings?

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Andrei S.

Didnt notice that. Thanks Andrei. It helps a lot