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Serie A - Italy Wrong Data for the Juventus team

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You have an issue with the Juventus team that got 15 points penalties so they are not in the third place but they are actually 13 with 23 points
I talked with the API football and they already updated it long time ago

rank: 13
team: {
id: 496
name: "Juventus"
logo: "https://media.api-sports.io/football/teams/496.png"
points: 23
goalsDiff: 13
group: "Serie A"
form: "LDLWW"
status: "same"
description: null
all: {
played: 20
win: 11
draw: 5
lose: 4
goals: {
for: 30
against: 17
home: {
played: 11
win: 7
draw: 3
lose: 1
goals: {
for: 24
against: 8
away: {

Not a bug


The plugin doesn't use API data for the Standing Tables. It uses its own calculation system.

To fix the problem with Juventus, you should open the Standing table for editing and add -15 initial points (see the screenshot)

Image 6396


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Andrei S.

Hi Andrei, 
It will be great to use the API data for this kind of issue :)

Can you please screenshot me all the processes from the beginning to go to the standing table please?