KDT 1 year ago in Competition 0

Hi team, it is possible to have the Layout Builder for [Competition Multistage] to apply to multiple leagues?

The reason is that, I am trying to customise the layout for leagues. Some of them like Premiership and La Liga. They are single stage competition so i can apply the [Competition - round robin] layout to all leagues which have only single stage.

For multistage leagues, e.g. Bundesliga and Ligue 1..etc, I can only customise the layout by using [Competition Multistage]. The problem is that, it can only apply by specifying a single League (as shown in the screenshot). That means I would need to clone the same layout to all the leagues I have (I have created 20+ leagues). If ever I need to add or modify the layout, I would need to do 20+ times. Please share if there is easier way to do that. Thanks.

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