New league standing rule - direct match

Sławek M. 1 year ago updated by Roberto Luis Mauro 1 year ago 3

Hi Andrei!

At first I would like to say that I appreciate a lot the amount of work and time you spend on the plugin. For sure I will donate or buy premium sooner or later when I'll be able to do that.

I would like to ask you for an additional rule for final standing in the league table, when points for two or more teams are equal. Currently available options are "more winnings", "goal difference" and "more goals scored". The missing rule, as in title, would be "direct result between teams". Call it as you want, but I mean if the A will win with B in direct match, then A will be higher in the table. 

Thank you in advance!


Image 6640


Hi Sławek,

Unfortunately, such functionality is only available in the Premium version (see the screenshot).

Image 6642

You can disable automatic position calculation and use manual sorting in a free version.

Image 6643


Best Regards

Andrei S.

I'm sorry then for interrupting :D  I missed that during the comparison free to premium version. Then we'll consider buying the premium based on that feature

Disculpa Andrei que me introduzca en la conversación, pero qué importante es seguir los diferentes temas de usuarios. Gracias a este tema, resolví mi tabla de posiciones:

Image 6644

Con la configuración manual, envié al equipo que no jugó, al final de la tabla. No me animaba a usar la configuración manual. Luego que el equipo participe y sume partidos, la vuelvo a cálculo automático, como la tenía programada.