Incorrect scoring in the standing table.

Mirek 7 months ago in Standing updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago 7

Hi i have setup the ranking rules in the Premier League standing table as outlined below

Goal Scored
Goal difference
head to head Points
head to head away goals

But the Poinst in the table are not correct> have a look Everton

Image 7994

I've cleared the cache and re run all the finished matches.

You have to adjust the points in the Standing Table

Image 7996

Thanks. But it should be done automaticaly

The Info is not coming from the API as far as I know, so for that price (API and Plugin) you should be aware of to do some things manually. 

But the others standing tables works correctly. I will try any way.

Can you give an example where Standing is correct, when Points are deducted or added and you didn´t added it manually in the Standings?

Fyi Andrei the owner of this plugin is calculating the Standings in his Plugin and is not calling the Table from the API. The API standings are usually not really reliable, the whole Data Structure is inconsistent and a lot of little mistakes are appearing. Starting from Team Names etc.

They updated the Premier League Table only, because someone complained about it. 

They don´t have any QA or checking the Data that they are providing,, so as I said be prepared to do some work manually. You won´t find anything better for this price. 

Image 7997


I am thinking of how to make it automatic.

There is no sense in using API data for the standing table because it is not fully reliable and is not recalculated right after the game. 

P.S.: Frank, thank you for suggesting a solution.


Best Regards

Andrei S.