Javad Jabbari 1 month ago in Import API updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 month ago 1

Hi i have error for add Euro 2024 can you help please ?

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined



Looks like the API provider has changed the round titles used for the games in the group phase.

The easiest way in your situation is to create games manually.

1) Replace old rounds with new ones.

Follow these steps.

Find Euro 2024 in API Leagues and select "Add Teams to groups/ties"

Image 9288

Remove old rounds (1) and add new just clicking on "Set All" in the Group stage

Image 9289

Then go to the next step

Image 9290

And click "Update Competition structure"

Image 9291

2) Open Euro 2024 in API Leagues. See the screenshot below.

Image 9286

3) Then click "Create Games"

Image 9287


Best Regards

Andrei S.