Not a bug

bug in standigs

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Hi Andrei,

Please check the standing in the position 14 and 15: 


The role of difference of goals is checking (attached screenshot) but the the team in 14th position has -3 and the team in the 15th position has -2, so the position must be changed.

Image 696

Thank you very much in advanced


Not a bug

Head-to-head goal difference means goals in matches between these teams. And this rule has higher priority.

but thia rule works when the two matches between both teams will be played, isn’t it?

All the standings that i have checked changed the position of both teams

No, it can be any number of matches: one, two, three or even more.


Sorry i didn't explain myself enough.

First please check the links of the official standings (14th and 15th):


The rule of the Head-to-head goal difference means goals in matches between these teams its true, but it works when the two matches between both teams have been played ,not before.

Only 2 matches because in the leagues of football there are round trip, two matches between two teams, first match in the stadium of one team and second match in the stadium of the other team.

More links to the same standing:



Thank you very much for your support


Rules for Segunda División B should be arranged in the order:
1. points
2. head-to-head points
3. head-to-head goal difference
4. goal difference
5. goals scored