Can this plugin be optimized for page speed?

ligat 5 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 5 years ago 2
Hello. I really like this plugin, one of the best soccer plugins for WordPress. However, this plugin makes pages slow when checking on Google pagespeed and gtmetrik.

I really hope that future updates for speed problems can be planned.

thank you
Satisfaction mark by ligat 5 years ago
Under review


I always take care of performance. Every feature and widget is checked for a number of DB requests and ability to use cache.


For better results in Google pagespeed and gtmetrik you have to use frontend optimization for your site. There are many really cool caching and optimization plugins in WP repo. Many hosters also provides tools to improve site performance.


I plan to add a new demo site later this month with a large amount of data. And then test and write an article about optimization. If you are interested, I let you know.