Ideas/Wishes for an eSports League

Sebastian J. 4 years ago 0


In this thread I have once again noted all the things that are interesting for a soccer league in eSports, so that the script is even more relevant here.

  • Match creation in the fronted (Separate display of these generated games in the admin area e.g. color)
  • Match creation only in friendly Leagues
  • Team editing in fronted (so that the user does not have to get extra access to the backed)
  • Standard setup for a team which is always stored
  • Copy leagues with one click (I mentioned that in another thread)
  • The possibility to close games so that no changes are made
  • A demands button for teams. So the team captain receives a message if another team wants to play against them
  • Display of the trainer in the team overview
  • Shortcodes vor Staff
  • Maybe a link to Buddypress and the user profile
    USer A trains Team A

So that should be the whole summary. I hope that one or the other can be implemented