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Issues importing

Jobs4 football 4 years ago in Import API updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 7

I'm having lot of trouble improting games and player data when creating a new league. Example, I have just created a Ukrainian Premier League and i get API empty when updating clubs.

Anyone else having this issue?

Under review

Did you create and attach clubs to the competition?

Yes did all that. It has happened a few time. Brazilian League was the same, it imported all the fixtures but not the teams. Sometimes it says there are 365 games to import but doesn't import any. Then it might work a week later

Can you tell me on which steps you have got an error?

When I got to the competitions tab on the import page.

I create the competition and try to import the data

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

Do you mean at "Create Matches" action?

Did you try to run "Create Matches" action one more time after the error?

And please send me a screenshot of the error message.

P.S.: will be better to create a private ticket