Can I also connect with another API provider like Sportmonks?

James Watt 4 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 3

For another project I use the SportMonks football api because I prefer that one above your current option. Do you have plans to add them as well as import option? Would be great! They have a double amount of leagues available for example.


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At this moment I don't have such plans.

P.S.: SportMonks is about $50 and up per month. It is too expensive for most plugin users.

Ah too bad, they have plans starting from $25 as well. But if you go for the 1000+ leagues it is more expensive I agree, but better quality. Anyway, thank you for your time

For example, European Leagues - https://sportmonks.com/products/soccer/plan/european-plan

Data Features available per plan - https://sportmonks.com/docs/football/2.0/getting-started/a/data-features-in-detail/86

As I see, Lineups & Statistics are from Standard Plan and up - from €40.00 /mo (World Plan will be €115.00 /mo)