LIVE game update UI (with smartphone at the stadium)

anicet vercaigne 4 years ago in LIVE updated by GaspareNet 1 year ago 8

I am at the game and I would like to update the live with my smartphone. Possible?

yes i have already worked it out

where can i find how ?



is done in exactly the same way as on a pc


I plan to add special UI for LIVE game update in a few months. It will be mobile-friendly and will support user roles. 

Now you can use LIVE update UI from the game edit page - https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/64-live-events-and-commentary-in-single-match

P.S.: Nick, Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Andrei,
Yesterday evening we used the "edit page" during a LIVE. But working with several people at the same on that page is not ok. One did the goals, one the cards and someone else the subtititions. But we lost data several times. I think we were overwriting each other.
So we are really looking forward to your special UI ;-)

when I add an event I would like to be able to choose between first and second half.

I wish I could also add the formations.

Having individual buttons for various events would simplify entry.

see image


Another way to easily enter live formations, cautions and substitutions.

You could also add a column to enter goals

Image 6433