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Problem with import from new session 2020/2021

Иван Маринов 4 years ago in Import API updated by Jobs4 football 4 years ago 4

Hello Andrei, 

congratulations on the good plugin.


I have premium access and I have encounter several difficulties, namely that the 2020/2021 seasons of the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League do not appear in my drop-down menu.

I'm with Rapid API 2.

I would be grateful for your help.

Image 1952

Best Regards, 


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Hi Ivan,

Looks like API doesn't have it at this moment. Try to contact API support for more info.

i'm having the same issue with new countries added to API like Turkmenistan


I will add these countries in the next release. Now you can add as on the screenshot below (under "all countries").