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Filip Baeke 4 years ago in Standing updated 4 years ago 4

Instead of showing the whole ranking, I would like to show only 5 teams (out of 16 here). Two above and two teams below our team. Or in case we are last, four teams above, ...etc.

Is this possible ?

Image 1993

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Thanks a lot Andrei. But how can i combine those two variants? So that I also show 5 teams, no matter in what position my team is. And without having to change it each time.
My team is now in position 14.
So I can do it with this "12-1240".
[anwpfl-standing title="" id="2040" exclude_ids="" layout="small" partial="12-2040" bottom_link="" link_text="" show_notes="1"]

But what if we win and we move to place 8 eg.  Then I want to see the teams on position 6,7,8,9 and 10.
Thanks for your help.

Indeed, clubID is 1881, No need to say how many positions, as this is always five I see.

[anwpfl-standing title="" id="2040" exclude_ids="" layout="small" partial="1881" bottom_link="" link_text="" show_notes="1"]
This works fine.
Thanks a lot for the excellent support!