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Edit match not workable due to constant refresh of the page

Filip Baeke 4 years ago in LIVE updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 18


We activated "Live events" for our upcoming match in a few hours.
The goal is that we add events on our smartphone.
However when we are on the "Edit match" page on our phone, it gets refreshed every 3 seconds or so, when Live is activated. This makes it not workable.
Is this a setting we have to adapt? Update period is on 30 seconds.


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I couldn't reproduce your error.

Please create a support ticket and provide your steps to reproduce the problem.


I have the same problem

What browser do you use?

Is the admin edit game page refreshed every 3 seconds?

I use Chrome version 85.0.4183.127 on my Huawei phone.
My colleague on another phone had the same problem (need to ask his browser and version)

What page is reloaded? Admin game edit page?


Try to disable temporarily all plugins except CMB2 and Football Leagues and test. Let me know about the result.

If this will not help, create a private ticket and send me admin access to test and reproduce a bug on your site.

only the page of the game is updated

When the "Live Events (commentary)" is switched on the reloading of the "edit game" stops when the status is updated to "1st half".


Yes, when the LIVE status is not set and Live Events is turn on, the page is reloaded many times. 

Will be fixed in the next release.

Same here. Refreshes all the time

When the LIVE status is not set and Live Events is turn on, the page is reloaded many times.

Try to set any LIVE status, for example, "1st half"

Hi Andrei, I'm experencing the same issue, but with the opposite cause: when I set the LIVE status and I do not set any period (for instance, 1st half) the page is loaded (but without any live indicator/minute). Instead, if I try to set a period and a minute, the match page gets refreshed continuously.

Any hints on how I can solve this?

A quick update. After some more tests the issue seems a bit different: the continuous refresh issue seems someway gone, but now if I enable the LIVE status, and set a valid period for the match, the match page does not display any match information (so, it's totally blank, except for the surrounding theme elements).

I've also reproduced the issue creating a new match from scratch, enabling LIVE and then setting the period/minute, so it should be easily reproducible on your side.

I kinda figured it out, and it was an issue on my side: in some previous tests I created an empty layout for live matches, so that layout was getting used when the matches were live... :-\

how to enable live matches. I have the pro version

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