Question about how are referees managed

Sebastian Romo 3 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago 1

Hello! I'm considering buying the premium version of this plugin, i'd like to know something first.

When you add a referee to a game, which I assume is from the staff management, will that referee get 'reserved' to that spot? In other words, when I create a new game, will I be able to select the referee and then be denied assignment if that referee is busy on another game at that time?

Also, I seem to be unable to purchase the premium version of the plugin. There's a message that says it will be available on December 2020, is there a specific day for the release?


Hello Sebastian,

Referees functionality is very poor, and the premium version doesn't have any improvement to it.

You can create a feature request (idea) here - https://anwppro.userecho.com/communities/4-sports-leagues

The Premium version is planned for the end of this month. I don't know the exact date at this moment.