Simplify adding players to additional teams

ramadanitaip 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 11

In Teams>>Season >> add players - start typing name

Can you please allow for the selection of all players in the database?

At the moment, we are forced to change the player's current team first.

We are managing multiple leagues, teams and seasons. Some players play in club and representative teams. So if we add them to a new team for a small tournament, we need to go and change their actual club first (where they still play). 

This is not ideal because we then we are constantly having to change player clubs in their profile - and when dealing with hundreds of players it becomes a nightmare to manage.

Thank you 

The best solution would be to allow multiple teams to be added on a player's profile page

Searching answer


I know about this problem. I plan to add new roster UI in July.


New version released with improved roster UI.

Please test.

The release is not yet available on my website.

Has the change been submitted?


What is a plugin version installed on your site?

AnWP Sports Leagues 0.9.6

AnWP Sports Leagues Premium 0.9,3

On which page you have a problem?

The last release has a new team roster UI (see screenshot)

I don't see that option

It is an old UI.

- if you use any cache plugin, reset the cache.

- try to open this page in another browser or in Chrome incognito mode.

That was it! Thank you. I'll test and let you know later. Thank you so much - this is a very useful UI change

Hi Andrei, Very neat solution. Thank you so much for the quick response. It has solved a big problem for my database.  Thank you so much - works perfectly and exactly as I hoped! You are the best!!!