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Translation of Standing Table

tbesfsosyal 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

When I get the sports configurator i am adding the translations for columns But it only saves W - L. Pts and Played games stays same. And there is a notification says nothing to update. There is not any option to translate. Can anybody help?

Under review


Try to install the latest version and test.


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Andrei S.

Thank you for quick fix. Spend great amount of time to figure it out :) Just another quick question when you get the team page it only shows last 5 games of the team. Are there any option to show all and group it with seasons? Last but not least, You know there is a sport, lets say basketball. Which do you think is it better to create for divisions of the league ? another tournament or stage under one tournament. In other words, season 2023 - tournaments called Super League and Bronz League and silver league. Or adding Super league as a stage ? and keeping tournament only as one: Basketball