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Players Stats Short Code Not Working

Asim Arif 1 year ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago 1


I am using this plugin (AnWP Sports Leagues – for basketball, hockey, and others) on my site with the free version but the player's stats shortcode not working can you ask me if the player's stats shortcode will use with the free version or buy the premium version of this plugin to use player stats shortcode.


Here is the shortcode

[sl-players-stats stats_id="6" position="Left Wing" tournament_id="420" stage_id="434" season_id="9" league_id="8" group_id="5" round_id="6" venue_id="444" team_id="427" game_id="6" game_day="Monday" order="" limit="10" soft_limit="1" show_position="1" show_team="1" show_nationality="1" show_photo="1" show_games_played="1" link_to_profile="1"]

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Answered in private ticket


Try to use fewer arguments and add a new one after testing.

For example, start with

[sl-players-stats stats_id="6" ]

If everything works, add

[sl-players-stats stats_id="6" position="Left Wing" ]

Test and add tournament

[sl-players-stats stats_id="6" position="Left Wing" tournament_id="420" ]

and so on.


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Andrei S.