Match Generator

Andrew 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 0

Hello, would it be possible to add automatic match generation? For example, so that I don't have to list each match separately for the league, it would be great to be able to select the teams from the given competition, for example, if I had the number of matches how many matches each will play against each other (for example, each will play 2 matches against each other at home/away) ), where then automatically created a valid stage schedule that would be published and waiting for values to be entered from the team manager once a match had taken place so that a logged in user could select a match from the schedule to enter and submit.

The same system could be for the play off bracket... Choose an opponent (for example Dallas vs Minnesota) and set how many games will be generated, if for example the best of 7 system is played (for 4 winning games in a series) 7 games will be generated, at best of 5 (on 3 wins) 5 matches will be generated and on Best of 3 (on 2 wins) 3 matches will be generated...

or one more option...add the option for logged in users to create matches (as it is now when I create a match as an admin, where he will only have access to his competition and to his team's matches) with a limit on the number of matches and a schedule only for own team...for example, if I want to play in a league with each other 2x, it will be possible to create a maximum of 2 matches with an opponent at a time, so that there is no confusion and someone does not create more matches with the same opponent than allowed.