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Denys Kulii 10 months ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago 2

Hi mate, 

Would it be possible to add:
1) Simple SEO functionality for creation templates for the Tournaments, Games, Players, Leagues. to save a preset scheme for given user roles? I mean functionality to create my own title, description and keywords by using teams names, dates, etc.

For example:
title: team1 - team2: match date: ****

Another option is to add tags (Team name, time, date, player name, score, etc.) to the existing SEO plugins for example Yoast SEO. 
2) Create a script that automatically change game time based on viewers timezone setting.
For example:
If my server is CET time (GMT+2) and event time is 9:00, but user has GMT+1, so the event time should be reduce by 1 (8:00).
3) Replace event time in a widgets, games pages, etc. from time to live if the game is in progress. Will be good to add an option to select a game duration on Tournaments settings.
For example:
If 2 hours is selected for the games duration on Tournaments settings and the game starts at 9:00, it means the time will be replaced by live from 9:00 till 11:00.
4) Add an option to hide completed tournaments from the drop down list.

If someone will have a lot tournaments it will be hard to select the right one, you'll need to spend a lot of time for it. For saving and optimization, will be good to add 2 options:

- add setting on a tournament page to hide it from a drop down list;

- add option set default for Tournament, rounds, etc on the add game page.

Thanks in advance :)

I also want to add one more request :)
It's related to Shortcodes (Tournament List). Will be good to add an option to Sort By Starts Tournaments Date.
The reason why this should be added is to have a good option to sort a tournaments.

If you'll add tournament that will starts in Jul after the tournaments with starting date Aug, Sep, etc., the Jule's one will be in the end of the list, so that option will fix that issue.

Thanks again