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Would it be possible to propose the creation of individual matches: player against player. It is for individual racquet sports.
And within the team matches it would be great to be able to automatically create individual matches following a predefined order and to make statistics according to the individual victories / defeats compared to the individual classification of the adversary. And of course to make these matches appear in the overall statistics of the player.

Our current website is ok for stats but very old ... : https://www.ujll-fscf.com

This is an exemple of a team match scorecard :

Image 7305

Image 7306

And statistics by player : 

Image 7307

"Evolution" is calculated by difference beetween 2 players ranking : 

Image 7308

And totalised at the end of the season to apply new player ranking.

Image 7309



Thank a lot for your suggestion.

Yes, I plan to add "player as a team" functionality in the next 2-3 months to provide support for such sports as tennis, table tennis, golf, and so on. 

I will be very appreciative if you share some good websites with statistics for these sports. I think you should know such. 


Best Regards

Andrei S.


Do you have some news ?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, not.

This feature is at the top of my to-do list, but I'll start working on it only after adding LIVE functionality to the plugin.

Feel free to contact me in 3 weeks about it.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Yes for sure i Will help you ! For Table tennis i know a lot ! 

In fact the more difficult part will be statistics between players because the events will not be depending of a time but depending of the opponent and his ranking ...

And after that have the possibility to automate order of matches on the match sheet. For that maybe use a position (which can be change by game) : Home Team position = A / B / C / ... and Away team W / X / Y / ... and use those letters for different individual matches : A against W / B against X ...

I'm ready to work with you on it !

Regards, Yann M.