Show recommended settings for Baseball

Jose Simosa 5 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 1


You could include in Show recommended settings for: "Baseball"

In Baseball each position is associated with a number (not related to the player's uniform number)

In this way:

No.   Position            Abbreviation

1       Pitcher                       P

2       Catcher                      C

3       First Base                 1B

4       Second Base           2B

5       Third Base               3B

6       Shortstop                 SS

7       Left Fielder               LF

8       Center Fielder          CF

9       Right Fielder             RF

10     Designated Hitter   DH (This is Optional)

In the attached I show you how I used it in your plugin



Thanks a lot. Soon I will add this.