Classic Grid Pagination switching doesn't honor Post Card Image Height

Rick Novlesky 3 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago 2

Just updating some landing pages to use AnWP's Classic Grid, but we noticed with pagination, selecting a new page and switching content, it doesn't honor the Post Card Image height set for tablet and mobile. It does work on the first page load, but apparently not after that.

You can see the effect on https://www.techspinreview.com/reviews/

Of course, if we can get the aspect ratio locked on the images, this would be a moot point. In the meantime, this functionality isn't working correctly. Using Wordpress 5.8 with OceanWP 3.0.4 and Elementor 3.4.2.  Let me know if you need access or anything to assist in troubleshooting.

We love Classic Grid, really added a lot to our presentation! Thanks for the excellent plugin!

Rick, Techspin Media


Hello Rick,

I'll fix it in the next release.

Thanks a lot!