Classic Slider suddenly showing one stretch post

Maximus 3 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago 12

Even though my query settings should allow multiple single category posts to show (which they were untill a couple days ago) now AnWp Classic/ Simple Slider only shows one stretched bugged post like this:

Image 4312

P.S : I dont use jetpack

Under review


Do you have any others Elementor plugins?

Send me a link to this page.


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Andrei S.

Hi Andrei, I've the same problem. Add to section and seems good. But after save and the refresh page only one stretched post. 

Right click on reset style seem to be good, but after save and refresh nothing. 


I've upgrading to the latest elementor vers

Do you use "Improved Asset Loading"?


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Andrei S.

I checked it out and it was set to "default" so i figured its Active as indicated by the green light, setting it to inactive actually fixed my problem :D

Anyways thanks alot for getting back to me and providing a precise fix! 

Hi, Andrei,

I already set it inactive, but the issue is still here.


I also have the same problem.


Your problem is in conflict with ht-mega-for-element.

It loads the slider library (Swiper) in its own way and overrides the slider from my plugin. The recommended way is to use Swiper from Elementor.

Try to disable the slider widget from this plugin. Maybe it will help.


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Andrei S.

Thank you for the quick response. The problem fixed now.

P.S: Anyone facing my problem, just go to Elementor Settings/Experiments and turn Improved Asset Loading to Inactive, cheers.


Yes, I will publish a release in a few days to fix this problem.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

thks a lot guys!!! problem solved!!!!