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No Post Title appears when Classic Grid is used on Elementor Page

theta_theta 2 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 3

When I use the classic grid widget on a page in Elementor the  the post titles do not when I browse to the website.  The post titles appear in the Elementor editor but not on the live webpage.  

If I make a post (instead of a page) and use the classic grid widget then the post titles appear in Elementor and also on the website when I browse to the post.

Any idea why I cannot get the grid titles to appear on a page when I browse to the page?

I have checked the options for the classic grid widget but do not see an option that fixes this problem.

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Maybe you have a conflict with your site CSS.

Send me a link to a page with that problem.


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Andrei S.

Hi with your advice I checked my plug-ins.  I had this plug-in installed. 


Deactivating the plug-in resolved the issue.  Thank you for the quick response and advice.