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Link Match preview in Next Match widget

fslmaxim 5 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 5 years ago 11


Can you tell me how works the link Match preview in the Next Match widget?

two things: 

1-if we will write previews how linked it

2-If we will not, how remove the link of the widget.

Thank you very much in advanced

Hi, any answer?



Hi, Sorry for delay.

Match preview links to a match page.

What preview do you want to link? Custom post or page? Or in Match Data >> Summary section?

Better a Custom post.

Thank you Andrei

Will be answered

I recommend you to create a separate new widget for a new Preview Link. The old link can be hidden with custom CSS.

If you need help with custom CSS, create a widget below (with preview button-link without a title) and send me a link.

Sorry, how Can I create a new widget?

I've changed the widget but I don't see where is the preview button-link without a title

No, create a regular text widget with a link or button you like.

Sorry Andrei, I don't understand, the text of the link could be the same that is now, ( Prèvia del partit), but I Can't enter the url of the post...

Create a simple text widget below with a link to the desired post.

Ok I understand, we will have two widgets, not one.

Please help me with the custom css to hidden the old link.


Send me a link to a page with widgets.

Waiting for your link...