v0.9.1 - 2021-01-10

  improved    Game Event Configurator

  improved    CSS styles - added prefixes to grid classes to prevent conflicts with some themes

  added    YouTube default player. Now you can select which video player to use (see screenshot).

  added    Player social pages

  added    Game Sidelines (Missing Players) 

  added    Teams Widget - "include_ids" option

  fixed    Teams Shortcode and Widget - show team name when abbreviation is not set

  added    Game - new Special Status field with 2 options: "Match Postponed" and "Time To Be Defined"

Special Status field

"Time To Be Defined" - the time of the match will be hidden in all Match cards and layouts

"Match Postponed" - special notice ("Match Postponed") will be added to the Match header (single) and in the bottom line (list)

Image 2621

Image 2622

Game Event Configurator

Image 2567

Game Sidelines (Missing Players)

Image 2619

Image 2620

Video Player Settings - Settings > General

Image 2556

YouTube player behavior:

- Main video will be embed

- Additional videos and video widget will be opened in modal

- when you start a new video, others will be paused

- player uses https://www.youtube-nocookie.com host