Using Custom Blocks

Aneto theme comes with a special layout system. It has 6 predefined positions for Custom Blocks (see screenshot below).

Simply create Block with Elementor Page Builder and assign it to Header, Top, Inner Top, Inner Bottom, Bottom or Footer position.

Check Elementor Documentation if you didn't work with it earlier - Elementor - First Steps

Image 209

?> You can use available addons and plugins for Elementor Page Builder.

Check some of them on - [tag: elementor-addons](

Create a new Block

1. Navigate to Aneto Theme >> Blocks and click Add New.

Image 210

2. Enter block name and set type. Then click Edit with Elementor

Image 211

3. Create the desired layout and save Block.

Image 212

Assign Block to its Position

Assign previously created Block in Aneto Theme >> Theme Options >> General to its Position.

Image 215

You can override global block settings for single post types (post, page, match, club, player). Find "AnWP Settings" metabox and set new options.

Image 216

Useful Tips

For Top and Bottom position is recommended to set "Content Width - Boxed" and value - 1280

Image 213

For Footer and Header position add "container" class if you want to make it equal width with the main container.

Image 214

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Am I doing something wrong?

I have a global block which when set  at Aneto Theme >> Theme Options >> Blocks it works, but when I set the block to -select block- and try to set it on a competition page, I get nothing. The blocks only work when set as a Theme option