Club Captain - User Role

Premium Version Only - [v0.8.5]

Club Captain is able to edit match data associated only with the related club: match status, club match stats and scores, match club line-ups and substitutions, match club events.


First of all, activate frontend edit mode - tutorial

Then create a user (if not already exists) even with minimum rights (e.g.: Subscriber).

Image 91

Assign User to a Club

Assign the user to a specific club (at Club edit page >> Premium Option).

Image 169

The edit button will be available for Club Captains.

Image 93

Edit and Save data

User is able to enter only club data. And couldn't modify data for the opposite club (data is checked on save).

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Match Status

Match status will be changed to "Result" only when two Captains set this status.

If one side disagrees, it can set match status back to "fixture" and contact admin or League Supervisor to resolve the dispute.

Club Captain Option, Works with Astra Theme.