Competition List

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[anwpfl-competition-list league_ids="" season_ids="" include_ids="" exclude_ids="" group_by="" display="" show_logo="1" show_flag="big"]

Shortcode Arguments - Filter

  • league_ids – (optional) - list of comma-separated League IDs.
  • season_ids – (optional) - list of comma-separated Season IDs.
  • include_ids – (optional) - list of comma-separated Competition IDs to include. Has the highest priority.
  • exclude_ids – (optional) - list of comma-separated Competition IDs to exclude.

Shortcode Arguments - Display

  • group_by – (optional) “country”,”country_collapsed” or ""(empty, default - without groupping)
  • display – (optional) - "league", "league_season" or "" (empty, default - competition title)
  • show_logo – (optional) - 0/1 (no/yes). Show competition logo.
  • show_flag - (optional) - "big", "small" or ""  (empty - hide country flag)

thank you.

it's very useful to add group_by - league

How do I want the order of the competitions?

Eg Order by ID,


please if you got an answer or solved it , please post the result


Is it possible to show "Top European Leagues" and "Worlds best football leagues"

Hola: intento colocar nuevamente el código en una página pero no lo respeta, lo toma como texto. No se si sea por la versión antigua que tengo.

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Por otro lado preguntar si es posible asignar un punto extra a los equipos que ganan en la serie de  penalti.  ?