Club Stats

Premium Version Only (since v0.12.4)

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[anwpfl-stats-club club_id="" competition_id="" multistage="0" season_id="" league_id="" date_before="" date_after="" per_game="1" stats="" header=""]

  • club_id – (required) - Club ID

Shortcode Arguments - Filter

  • competition_id – (optional) - Competition ID.
  • multistage – (optional) - 0/1 (no/yes). Set this argument to "1" if you want to include all stages of multistage competition. Works only when "competition_id" is Multistage Competition (Main Stage)
  • season_id – (optional) - Season ID.
  • league_id – (optional) - League ID.
  • date_before - (optional) - format YYYY-MM-DD - Get stats till this date
  • date_after - (optional) - format YYYY-MM-DD - Get stats from this date

Shortcode Arguments - Display

  • per_game – (optional) - 1/0 (yes or no) - show per game statistics
  • stats – (optional) - comma-separated list of stats. Available options: 'corners', 'fouls', 'offsides', 'shots', 'shots_on_goal','cards_y','cards_r','goals','goals_conceded','clean_sheets'

Shortcode Arguments - Text

  • header – (optional) - header text

Text Strings

You can override text strings in "Settings & Tools" >> "Text Options"

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Why you didn't add date after? it's useful to prepare a chart for a team in a period of time.

Please add "date from" and "date to"


Yes, you are right. It makes sense. 

Added "date_after" argument.


No yellow / red cards are taken into account

Do you have the correct cards team stats (not events with cards)?


I cannot add a yellow-red card to the CLUB STATISTICS.

Options are: stats - (optional) - list of statistics separated by commas. Available options: 'corners', 'fouls', 'offsides', 'shots', 'shots_on_goal', 'cards_y', 'cards_r', 'goals', 'goals_conceded', 'clean_sheets'

as an example here:

Андрей, день добрый! 

А нельзя считать статистику желтых и красных карточок по вводу события матча, а не в раздел статистики?? Иначе ничего не выводит.. а я никогда туда не вносил, так как статистические данные матча не считаем. 

И еще вопрос, есть ли в идее добавить статистику за все сезоны ?! чтобы считало автоматом, сколько матчей сыграно например в Высшей лиге, сколько в первой... и т.д. !?

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