Standing Table (shortcode)

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[anwpfl-standing title="" id="" exclude_ids="" layout="" partial="" bottom_link="" link_text=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • id – *(required) – standing table ID
  • title – (optional) text title for this shortcode. Default: "" (empty)
  • exclude_ids – (optional) list of comma-separated team ID’s to exclude
  • layout – (optional) - ' ' (empty) or 'mini'. Empty (' ') for regular layout or mini - for small (widget) layout.
  • bottom_link – (v0.10.23) - show link in the bottom to: none/competition/standing
  • link_text - (v0.10.23) - alternative bottom link text
  • partial – (v0.10.23) - show partial table data. 2 variants are available:
    • <place_from><minus><place_to> - "1-5" - show teams from 1 to 5 place
    • <clubID> - "32" - show table slice with specified team ID in the middle

Is there a way to have alpha-numeric standings when data for teams are identical, same matches played, same wins, draws, losses, goals for and against?

No, unfortunately not.


If you are interested in it, please create a feature request with a detailed description.

Hi. I am unable to create a league table in wordpres. Can you help me out?


Create a round-robin competition and then create the Standing table. - step 5 and step 6 in this tutorial 

After that, you may insert the created standing table as shortcode -


Why I can't see the table-success Colors in Standing Table ? 

No problem I found it ! :) 

Is there anyway to have the standing table filtered with year?

No, only with custom coding (switcher/dropdown)

Hi Andrei, is it possible to show all standing data on mobile? 

As you can see mine, only show the following data in the screenshot attached?

Hear from you soon.


No, at this moment it is not possible to do in an easy way. But I plan to add such functionality in the future.

Would it be possible to add an option to remove club links from the standing table shortcode?

Hello Andrei,

Would it be possible to display the ranking of the last 5 days or from day X to day Y?



Soon I'll improve standing table calculating logic. And it will be possible to add such functionality.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

The anwpfl-standing table is messed up since this summer when the image is narrowed, likeon a smartphone.
Before we never had any issues with it.
What could be wrong?


Create a support ticket and send me a link to this page.

Maybe you have a CSS conflict or something else.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Dear Andrei,

As posted, we have an issue with the layout of the standing table on our main page on
Not if you have the full page open on a pc, but when you narrow it down or when you are watching on a smartphone. See screenshot below.

Can you check this out?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Kind regards
Filip Baeke

Try to open Standing for edit and save it.

What are your Display options (see screenshot)?


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hi, Is there anyway to export the standing table to CSV or PDF file? we need print the information.