Euro 2024 - add knockout games

Create New Games

Go to the FL API Import >> Discover Games and click on "Discover New Games"

Image 9365

Check that API has new games (1) and click on "Modify Structure"

Image 9366

Map new rounds (1) and click Next Step

Image 9367

Update Competition structure on the next step.

Image 9368

Click on "Create Games".

If everything is correct, Euro 2024 will disappear from this list after successful creation.

Image 9369

Fix Bracket

Check your Bracket. It looks a bit ugly.

Image 9370

Go to the admin part, then to "Competitions" and select Knockout phase for editing.

Image 9371

Switch to "manual" Bracket Layout.

Image 9372

Manually drag ties to put it in the proper order.

Image 9373

Then add empty, missing ties.

Image 9374

Save and check the result.

Image 9375

Now the Bracket looks much better.

Bracket Improvements

When using the Automatic User timezone functionality on your website, you can also show the kickoff time in the user timezone in the Bracket layout. Just put the time in ISO8601 format (e.g.,

Image 9376

Click on the extra options in the match-up.

Image 9377

Insert the date in special format "2024-06-30T21:00:00+02:00" (use proper date for every game) and save.

Image 9378

Example of proper dates

- Spain - Georgia: 2024-06-30T21:00:00+02:00

- Germany - Denmark: 2024-06-29T21:00:00+02:00

- Portugal - Slovenia: 2024-07-01T21:00:00+02:00

- France - Belgium: 2024-07-01T18:00:00+02:00

- Romania - Netherlands: 2024-07-02T18:00:00+02:00

- Austria - Turkey: 2024-07-02T21:00:00+02:00

- England - Slovakia: 2024-06-30T18:00:00+02:00

- Switzerland - Italy: 2024-06-29T18:00:00+02:00

Quarter-finals (from top to bottom)










Check the final result

Image 9381

How to Render Bracket Layout on Your Site

Layout Builder

You can display a Bracket in your Competition with the help of Layout Builder. Put the Bracket block in any place your want and save.

Image 9382


If you decide to show Bracket on any page or post, you can use the dedicated shortcode [anwpfl-bracket] to do so. In argument “competition_id” you should use the exact knockout Stage ID, not main Competition ID.

Image 9383