Players Stats (shortcode)

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Display players statistic in the interactive table (sorting, filtering, column reordering).

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[anwpfl-stats-players season_id="" type="" rows="-1" club_id="" links="0" competition_id="" multistage="0" sections="" caching_time=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • season_id – (optional) Season term_id.
  • type – (optional) “g”,”p” or " "(empty, default) – show player, goalkeepers or all. Empty to show all. Recommended to create 2 shortcodes: first – for goalkeepers, second – for other players. They differ with some columns.
  • rows – (optional) – number of rows per page. Available options: 10, 25, 50, -1 (for all). Default: 10
  • links – (optional) "0" - no or "1" - yes. Show links to player profile. Default - 0.
  • club_id – (optional) filter by club ID.
  • competition_id - (optional) specify competition ID
  • multistage - including stats from all stages. You have to select the first (main) stage in competition ID. See screenshot (since 0.10.2)
  • sections - show only selected sections. Empty - for all. Available options: club, position, appearance, minutes, cards, goals, goals_penalty, goals_own, assists, goals_conceded, clean_sheets (since 0.11.0)
  • caching_time - caching time in minutes for this DB request (since 0.11.0)

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Recommendation for big data

If you have a lot of players, I recommend to

1) Set caching time - (caching_time option) to 60 minutes or bigger.

2) Set the number of rows to 10 or 25.

3) Do not use all sections. Set sections you really need. Recommended to miss: club, position. minutes, appearance.

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it is not work. 

Added "Recommendation for big data". I have tested on 5500 players, and it works pretty fast.

Есть возможность выводить в данную таблицу статистику по каждому туру отдельно?

Нет, такой опции к сожалению нет.

Hello question,
Is it possible to give this short code (Stats::Player) the able to add custom tabs? I know there is a (Stats::Player[Custom]) but (Stats::Player) looks very much better and has the ability to filter by each column individually from the front end.

I am using the Aneto theme