Stadium - Available Block Types

Premium Version Only

Image 1037

Stadium :: Header

Most information from the "General" stadium edit tab, image and custom fields.

Image 1036

Stadium :: Info

Content from the "Into" tab

Image 1038

Stadium :: Upcoming Matches (5) 

5 nearest upcoming matches at this stadium.

Stadium :: Finished Matches (5)

5 latest finished matches at this stadium.

Stadium :: Map

Stadium location from the "General" tab.

Image 1039

Image 1040

Stadium :: Bottom Content

Text from the "Bottom Content" tab.

Image 1041

Stadium :: Gallery

Images from the "Media" tab

Image 1043

Image 1042

Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to make a video at the stadium, as with matches.
Would it be possible to add a video to the stadium like a match?