Player - Available Block Types

Premium Version Only

Image 1057

Player :: Header

Information from the "General" player edit tab, image and custom fields.

Image 1055

Player :: Stats panel

Player statistics summary for the current season (selected in season dropdown)

Image 1056

Player :: Player Stats

Player statistics grouped by competition.

Image 1058

Player :: Player Matches

The list of the player matches with some statistical values.

Image 1059

Player :: Gallery

Images from the "Media" tab.

Image 1060

Image 1061

Player :: Player Bio

Content from the "Bio" tab

Image 1062

Player :: Bottom Content

Text from the "Bottom Content" tab.

Image 1063

Is there a way to mass import Players images from CSV/XML file ? Because those are not available via API ?!

Is there some way to create own new Block-types og change the existing ?