Match - Available Block Types

Premium Version Only

Image 1079

Match :: Header

Default Match scoreboard.

Image 1080

Match :: Scoreboard

Advanced Match scoreboard with image background. More info -

Image 1082

Match :: Summary

Content from the "Summary" tab

Image 1085

Match :: Bottom Content

Text from the "Bottom Content" tab.

Image 1086

Match :: Custom Code

Code from the "Custom Code" tab.

Image 1087

Match :: Cards

Match cards based on match events.

Image 1088

Match :: Goals

Match goals based on match events.

Image 1089

Match :: Latest Matches

Image 1090

Match :: LineUps

Image 1091

Match :: Missed Penalties

Match :: Penalty Shootout 

Match :: Referees

Match :: Substitutes

Image 1099

Match :: Video

Video block based on Video tab settings.

Image 1101

Match :: Stats

Rendering match club statistics.

Check these tutorials for advanced stats modification:

Image 1102

Match :: Commentary

Use Match Commentary block to show match events in hierarchical order.

More info -

Image 1100

Match :: Formation

Render team formation.

More info about formation -

Image 1095

Image 1096

Match :: Head-to-head matches

Image 1098

Match :: Timeline

Image 1092

Match :: Custom Player Stats

More info -

Image 978

Hello, I need advice on creating a Layout. Before the match, I would like to enter my own code with a link to the category where I have live results. While I was watching it going in one match I needed it for everyone

Hi Andrei,

Do I have to register all the players in order to see the names of the players who scored?
Is it possible to display without registering?