Tag Posts (shortcode)

Premium Version Only (since v0.10.5)

"Tag Posts" shortcode allows you to show regular WordPress posts with the same tag as Club, Player, Competition, Match, Referee, and Staff.

[anwpfl-tag-posts id="" limit="10" show_tags="1" cols="2" layout="grid"]

- How To Use "Tag Posts" shortcode

Shortcode Attributes

  • id – (required) instance ID. It can be Club ID, Match ID, Competition ID, Player ID, Staff ID and Referee
  • limit – the maximum number of posts.
  • show_tags – 1 (yes) or 0 (no). Show a list of associated tags at the top.
  • cols – number of columns - 1, 2 or 3
  • layout – 'grid' or 'simple'.

Simple Layout

Image 1438

Grid Layout

Image 1437

This shortcode doesn't work in sidebars .. Hopefully there is a fix for it.

Why it does not work? 

You have to use widgets that support shortcodes.

What widget do you use?

I am using this shortcode and it works within the players profile. It displays all the regular posts which are tagged, but I wish to display custom post types which have the same tag as well. Would that be possible? Thank you!