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Click Begin installing plugin link or manually install CMB2 from WP repo –

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Go to the Competitions >> Leagues and create a new one. Then go to Competitions >> Seasons and create a new season.

 Info  Recommended season name is “YYYY” or “YYYY-YYYY”.

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 Tips  You can use Data Import Tool for fast clubs creation.

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Highly recommended, if you create clubs with Import Data tool, add more info for each club.

Go to Clubs and populate General and Media tab.

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Go to the Competition >> Add new competition
Enter the competition title and fill General competition tab.

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Then create as many groups as needed and assign clubs to it.

Click on COG icon to open clubs selector.

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Select group clubs and save the data.

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If your Competition Type is "Knockout" you are able to set several rounds. Clubs selector, in that case, is limited to two clubs only.

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If you create competition with “round-robin” type, you have to create a standing table for it.

Go to the Competition >> Standing Tables. And click Add new standing table.

Then enter Standing table title, select competition, and group and click Select button.

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List of Clubs will be fetched automatically from the configured competition.

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Set initial points (if needed), custom colors and ranking rules.


You can create players one by one. Go to the Players >> Add new player.

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Or you can use Data Import Tool for fast creation.

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Go to the Clubs and select the appropriate club.
Find Club Squad metabox and click Edit squad. Select players for the current season.

Players with “current club” parameter equal to the current edit club, will be in the top of the list.

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Then change players order, number, position or status ( in the club, on loan, left team ).


Congrats 🏆! You are ready to create your first Match.

Go to the Matches >> Add New Match. Fill Match Setup metabox and click Save and Continue.

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Then fill Match data on Match edit page.

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Hallo again. thank you for your reply. unfortunatelly is says everything except of how to put the final score.


Change match status to "result"


How Can automatically calculate the match results from the match events already entered?


Such functionality is not available yet. But it is planned.

hi is there a way to hide the matches that have been played to avoid a build up old matches on the page thanks 


On which page you want to hide matches?

hi is there a way to hide the matches that have been played to avoid a build up old matches on the page thanks. I asked this question above. 

the page I refer to is the one where you paste the short code to see the standing table. when you add matches the page becomes very over crowded if you add more then 10 matches. is there any why to hide the matches once played or something to de clutter the page with played games ? 

thanks Alex 


You can create any page you want with the help of shortcodes.

Check Matches shortcode. It has a "limit" parameter to show limited number of matches.


Can you hide the half-time score?

If want to hide it in the default match header, add this CSS code 

.match__sup-result .match__sup-result-item {
visibility: hidden;

Tutorial -

Hello: How can I put a background color to the column of the data of place, date and time. thanks

Hi , can we list matchweeks from newest to older?


How do I view the layout created using Layout Builder?



Please create a support ticket and provide more info about your problem

Hello, how can I customize pages such as /player/, /match/, /stadium/ and so on? They are not in pages so I guess they are added by the plugin itself, so how can I customize them?


These pages are generated automatically.

In the free version, you can override templates from the plugin template folder (PHP knowledge required).

The Premium version has Layout Builder for this purpose.

Also, you can use the plugin WordPress hooks. 

For example -

Thank you for your reply!

Hi, how can I add pagination on my page. For example I have shortcode for matches on my Matches page and I want to show 20 matches per page instead of showing them all on one page. Also I'm using OceanWP theme. Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't have pagination functionality.

But you can use different shortcodes for game grouping. 

For example -

Hello Andrei, 

There is sort of a glitch, we have added a certain league "Spain Primera Division 2020-2021" and the live match isn't displaying the following match on the page "Getafe - Celta De Vigo" as we should be getting the match data from API but we're not seeing the data on the page, what could be the problem with this?

Maybe you have an incorrect game time.

Try to run the "Update Kickoff time" action for this competition. 

after all my adds of clubs and leagues with the instructions .. all the results of matches and upcoming matches will show automatically or not?

hi, i can't change the active season. 

All the "Settings" section is unchangeable



Maybe you have a conflict with another plugin.

Try to disable some plugins (except Football Leagues and CMB2) and test.

ok. It works now

please I dont know where to can I use this plugin... I want to create a livescore website and I have downloaded and installed this plugin on my website but I dont know how to use it.. please some one should please assist me please

Please your help will be highly appreciated 


To make a live scores website you need:

- powerful hosting

- premium plugin version

- active subscription at

To get help please create a support ticket


Вопрос нубский конечно, но не увидел сколько стоит премиум-версия и как это происходит? Возможно-ли оплатить из РФ? Никакой криптой не пользуюсь? На сколько сайтов я могу получить преиум(тестовый и рабочий домены разные). Премиум - 1 раз и "навечно" или какая-то периодичность(вроде абон.платы), вроде премиум на полгода/год?

Продажа осуществляется только через платформу

По оплатам они работают, насколько я знаю через PayPal и Stripe, поэтому из РФ оплату произвести проблематично.

По планам вся информация тут -


Best Regards

Andrei S.

How do I make sure that the log table, fixture and results are shown on my website?

Hi Admin,

I am starting up a league.
Now I have 10 teams, so I need 180 matches to be played.

When I want to "start the league" Do I have to put one by one each mach?

Or is there a bottom to press so it does it for me? otherwise it will take long.

Regards and thanks for the help/program, it looks great!