Games (widget)

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Widget Attributes

Title - (optional) widget title

Tournament - (optional) filter games by selected Tournament

Tournament Stage - (optional) filter games by selected Tournament Stage

Game Status - (optional) filter by game status: all, finished, upcoming

Games Limit - (optional) set a maximum number of games. 0 - for all.

Group By - (optional) group games by selected option: none, day, month, gameday, tournament stage (see screenshots below)

Filter By Team IDs - (optional) filter by a list of comma-separated team IDs

Filter By GameDay - (optional) filter by a list of comma-separated game days

Games from date - (optional) enter start filter date in format YYYY-MM-DD

Games before date - (optional) enter end filter date in format YYYY-MM-DD

Dynamic days filter - (optional) dynamic days offset. For example "-2" - from 2 days ago and newer; "2" -  from the day after tomorrow and newer.

Sort By Date - (optional) ascending or descending sorting

Sort By GameDay - (optional) none, ascending or descending sorting. Set priority sorting by game day. Sort By Date option will be ignored.

Show team logo - (optional)

Show team name - (optional)

Show game datetime - (optional)

Bottom Link Text - (optional)

Bottom Link Url - (optional)

Layout - (required) modern or classic. See Classic layout on the screenshot below. 

⚠️ Recommended to hide team name on the classic layout or use short team name (abbreviations). Otherwise, the layout may be broken in case of out of space in the line.

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