Advanced Standing Columns Builder

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How to Use

To add a column to a builder simply click on the plus icon on the list of available columns below.

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Tip To change columns order, click on hamburger icon and drag. 

Column Options

Full Name:

Full column name visible in the tooltip on columns header hover.

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Short Name:

Column short name.

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Select the layout in which the column will be visible. Full, mini or all. 

Full layout - used on the tournament page, mini layout - used for widgets.

Home or Away games:

Show value for home, away or all games.

Background Class:

Set the background color for a specific column from a list of special classes.

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Thick Border:

Make the column border slightly thicker. Available options are "none", "left", "right", "both".


Visible or hidden. Hidden can be used for intermediate calculations or as a composed column for special types.

Note There are also some type-specific options. You can get more info about them under each type.

Available Column Types


A predefined list of column types.

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Team Game Stats

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You can select which stats to show in the table "For" or "Against".

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Special Type - Composed

Show up to 3 column values separated by a dash.

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Special Type - Calculated

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Want some special column, feel free to create an idea about it!

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