Tournament List (shortcode)

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[sl-tournament-list status="" sort_by_date="" limit="0" exclude_ids="" date_from="" date_to=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • status – (optional) – "finished", "active", "upcoming" or empty for all (default).
  • sort_by_date – (optional) "asc", "desc" or empty to none. If you set this argument, tournaments without dates will be ignored.
  • limit – (optional) - limit number of tournaments; 0 - for all.
  • exclude_ids – (optional) - comma-separated list of tournament ids to exclude.
  • date_from - (optional) - filter tournaments by date
  • date_to - (optional) - filter tournaments by date

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Would be helpful to not only have an "exclude_ids" option but also and "only include ids" option. Shortcode would then only list selected tournaments.